MASDIM Decoring machine

MASSIN Technologies is located in the 1st department producing castings (cast iron, steel, aluminium and copper alloys) in France. With its industrial partners, MASSIN Technologies has developed a specialisation in the design and manufacture of machines dedicated to the foundry sector, in particular for the sandblasting stage of sand castings.

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MASDIM decoring machines (patented technical invention) are specially designed for the deburring of medium and large series of castings such as cylinder heads, manifolds, engine blocks, cradles, stirrups, etc. from 10 to 150 kg and more.

In manual or automatic loading mode, they ensure very high performance and very high quality of decoring.

Its preferred field of application is the treatment of cylinder heads, but its great adaptability allows the decoring of the most varied parts, from pump housings weighing a few hundred grams to V8 engine blocks weighing more than 60 kg, as well as crossmembers and intake manifolds.

Equipped with high efficiency and reliability in a hostile industrial environment, the MASDIM decoring machine allows the parts to be completely emptied in a short time and to increase production rates both in an independent manual loading station and integrated into a robotic cell.

Our sand decoring machines are established all over the world with more than 40% of our production exported to the 5 continents.

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The MASDIM decoring machine is based on an original and efficient process, which can be divided into two Steps :

Step 1

Core separation

The part to be treated is placed in position in a specifically designed tooling, then held by a pneumatic clamping system. It is then hammered by a pneumatic hammer. High-frequency shocks detach the core from the cast iron and break it into blocks.

Core separation
Step 2

Disintegration of the core

After separation of the casting core, the part is vibrated by a combination of two electric vibrators. This vibration reduces the core to sand, which falls into the lower part of the machine.

Disintegration of the core

decoring machine

Engineers have also developed a rotary option, popular with foundries of parts with multiple internal shapes, allowing the part to rotate simultaneously during vibration. The rotation allows all the sand to be removed from a part, regardless of its complexity.

This machine is completely modifiable and can be adapted to your requirements but also and above all to the workpiece and the conditions of decoring in order to achieve optimal decoring. We also integrate automated systems for loading and unloading the parts to be treated and offer integration into your workshops and production lines.

We have test machines at our disposal in order to carry out rapid sandblasting tests on your parts enabling us to evaluate the effectiveness of our precess and to offer you a tailor-made offer.

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